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Suzuki Car Agency

  1. Suzuki representative since 1995.
  2. Availability in all company's cars
  3. Test drive of all new models.
  4. Continuous sales on all models.

Car agency

Suzuki Car Agency

Suzuki Car Agency

suzukiOur company began the representation of Suzuki vehicles in 1995, as the continuity and the normal development of her previous activities in the field of cars that is in marketing, trading, maintenance - technical control and repair of car tyres. The cars we exclusively for our Prefecture represent are inexpensive in buying, economic in service, environmentally friendly, reliable and in high levels of active and passive safety.

Even if driving is only transportation for you, you’ll find many reasons to indulge in it with our cars.

Comfortable seats, full instruments and installed digital control panels, gear options in precise function compose practical cars for everyday use with high performance and low charge for your wallet and our environment. Cars not only for the city but also to escape to the mountains and the sea. Cars to trespass routine’s borders with and indulge your excursions and holidays, all year long. Cars in high quality function for quiet and swift journeys as well as high power for dynamic performances on and off road.

CARS TO TRAVEL YOU, not only travel with…

Green cars

Green cars

Our cars are manufactured with the henceforth modern specifications of protection of the environment. Our company is contracted with the Pan-Hellenic System of Alternative Management of Accumulators and Garages’ Waste

Some advice for the drivers as regards the protection of the environment:
    • When the engine is cold, start your vehicle immediately.

    • Drive smoothly and efficiently. The abrupt acceleration and hard break exert important fuel consumption. By driving more smoothly you save fuels.

    • High speed driving increases the consumption of fuel.

    • Use upper speeds when the driving conditions allow it.

    • When you are stopped, also stop the engine, provided that this is safe for you.

    • Do not transport undesirable weight and remove the roof luggage - carriers when you do not use them.

    • Frequent maintenance helps the engine run better.

    • Be sure that the tyres are in good condition and have the correct air pressure that the manufacturer indicates.

    • Use the air conditioning system / clima economically and maintain frequently.


I feel the need to express my dearest thanks to the Director and the personnel of the SUZUKI Car Agency in Igoumenitsa, because on 4th August 2009, at midday, in the beach of Drepanos, they ran immediately, Mr Ilias Ntasios with his craftsman and me they helped me to move the only two months ago bought car of mine, not accepting the least payment. More specifically they accompanied me as far as their garage, in Ladochori, and after they had realized that I can continue with my car, they smiled me good bye. Such people are worth admiration and congratulations nowadays.
Yours faithfully
Evagelos Ntokos Ioannina, August 8, 2009


Our cars to let are fully insured for all categories.
Moreover we are able to insure your vehicle through the

Executive Ιnsurance Βrokers

group we exclusively represent in Thesprotia Prefecture.

Ladohori 46100 Igoumenitsa
Tel. (+30) 2665029451-2665023796
Fax (+30) 2665029452 Mob. 6906266826 // 6944885019
[email protected]

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