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Car Rental

  1. Exceptionable car maintenance and guarantee of absolute & utmost safety.
  2. Children's seats , Navigators,Roof and rear luggage – carrier.
  3. Service 7 days a week, 24-hours a day.
  4. Splendid variety of vehicle categories.

Rent All Cars Ntasios

Rent All Cars Ntasios

Rent All Cars Ntasios

The sector of car leasing is the extension and almost ‘’natural ‘’ development of our company. It is an enterprising activity that aspires to cover all the requirements of our customers and clients as regards car leasing, use and maintenance of cars. On the 1st July 2010 we materialised the ongoing pressures of our clients to facilitate their transport their transportation to and from Paxos and Corfu, mainly so to the Epirus inland. We started with cars of all types, city cars and 4-wheel-drive vehicles which we also provide for weddings. Our cars vary from 0 to 20,000 klm and our fleet is constantly renewable, thanks to our company’s activity of trading new and second-hand cars. In order to organise your holidays with security and comfort to Syvota, Parga, Perdika, Leukada, Corfu, Paxos and all over Greece choose Rent All Cars NTASIOS.

Car rental benefits

Car rental benefits

►Exceptionable car maintenance and guarantee of absolute & utmost safety by our company’s full technical support experience and everyday practice.
► Children's seats for an age variety from 9 months to 4 years old.
► Navigators to the point of modern technology.
► Roof and rear luggage – carrier, not only for your baggage but also for sailboards and bicycles.
►Absolute cleanness and high levels of hygiene for your own quality transportation and your family’s health security
►Splendid variety of vehicle categories ranging from 1000cc to 3000cc in conventional, multiform and ‘’purebred’’ 4WD cars.
►Flexibility in the availability of vehicles for all our clients’ requirements.
► Service 7 days a week, 24-hours a day (24h7).
► Absolute deal reliability before the hire of the vehicle and ensured client satisfaction as regards our services.
►Central and easily accessible company premises between the International Port of Igoumenitsa and Egnatia Avenue

Terms of Hiring

Terms of Hiring


1. Age: The driver who rents the vehicle, as well as every additional driver, must be at least twenty one (21) years old, as regards all and every single category of vehicle.

In order to acquire the car the client is obliged to: (a) Produce a valid driving license and an international driving license, when compulsory, (b) Sign the contract to accept the fundamental and basic hiring terms of the company in addition to further insurance policies, (c) Leave the sign of his/her principal and valid credit card.

2. Accepted Credit Cards: Our company accepts VISA and MASTER CARD. AMERICAN EXPRESS and DINERS CARD are not accepted.

3. Hiring cash / bank deposits, cash cards or debit notes/cards, as well as cheques, are not accepted at the beginning of the hiring process. The principal and valid credit card is obligatory for all categories.

4. Driving License: Drivers should possess a driving license valid for at least one (1) year before signing the contract. An International Driving License is compulsory by the Greek Law for all clients who do not belong to the European Community or in case their driving license is not translated into English. The International Driving License is valid in more than 150 countries around the world, includes information about the driver and his/her photograph.

5. Additional drivers: The least age point and the presuppositions of hiring a car by the client are also obligatory for a possible additional driver for whom there’s no extra charge. A second additional driver or more, however, is charged with 3 € (euros) per day.

6. Traffic Fines, Tickets and Subpoenas: Traffic tickets, fines and following subpoenas after violating the Greek Traffic Code must be paid exclusively by the renter – client. If the client does not state the violations of the traffic law and the subpoenas to our company, it must be reminded that the client will be charged in due time and the Greek Government will demand and take the client’s identification principles. The ticket / fine will be sent by post.

7. Fuel consumption: Benzine / gasoline consumption is paid by the renter. For your best service and interest there’s a gas station 100m both sides from the delivery / collection point. You are advised to keep the fuel tank full, for your ultimate facilitation and security, during the return to the collection point.

8. Taxes: All the prices are taxed by 23% VAT (Value Added Tax). Our company does not charge airport taxes for deliveries into the airport area.

9. Delivery and Collection policy: Our company does not charge car delivery (a) upon our premises, Ladochori, Local Division of the Municipality of Igoumenitsa, 49 Martiron Street, (b) within the International and local Port of Igoumenitsa, (c) as well as the city’s hotels. For each night delivery/ collection except for official operating hours, that is 20:30 – 09:00, along with Sundays and specific areas, there’s a further charge of 21,00 € (euros).

NOTE: For special days’ delivery/ collection, like the 1st May, National Holidays et.c. there’s a further charge depending on the price of the vehicle, the total amount of the contract in general and in each case specifically.

10. Rental without collection: Our company does not allow a car rental without the obligation, on the part of the client, to return the vehicle upon our premises, in Ladochori, Igoumenitsa, 49 Martiron Street, where it was originally acquired from.

11. Boarding on a ship to the Greek islands: Our company does not allow it on our premium class vehicles unless the client has already got an authorization in writing. For your best facility ask for one when you make your booking, in order to have it as soon as you have your car delivered.

12. Across the Greek borders rentals: Crossing the Greek borders on our company’s vehicles is not allowed.

13. Baby seats: available upon request. Our company offers two (2) types of baby seats: for children from 9 months to 4 years old (9-18 klgs) and for children from 4 years old to 11 years old (15-36 klgs). The charge depends on the contract.

14. Rental charge: The basic rental prices include unlimited kilometers, compulsory insurance of official law responsibility, fire insurance and 23% VAT. The general rental prices comprise of unlimited kilometers, compulsory insurance of official law responsibility, fire insurance, no liability for damage, without resignation for disclaiming (Collision Damage Weaver), protection against theft and 23% VAT.

15. Car accidents: In case of an accident, if there’s an injury as a result of the collision, you must report the accident to the local traffic police where the accident happened – the local traffic police will most possibly come to the place of the accident to collect reports and check the evidence, the witnesses and the statements. The driver must fill in and file all the accident statements obligatory by the police, the local and state authorities. Moreover the driver must fill in an accident statement of the company for insurance policies. This statement is fundamental for both sides, especially if there’s a disclaim/ an exemption of the damage responsibility. Bear in mind that your statements may become a permanent part of the accident report. It’s very important that you are honest and accurate, as your statement may be used in legal claims.

16. In case of a vehicle breakdown or failure: You must contact our company on 2665023796 or call Interpartner Assistance on 2109475900 for immediate help. Always be aware of your whereabouts, so that the road assistance company can locate, find and help you out.

17. Rental extension: If you wish to extend your holidays and keep the vehicle for more, please contact us on 2665023796 before the agreed return of it, giving a fair warning so as to be promptly and swiftly facilitated and not disturb the flow of the company’s function. Whatever alternations on the vehicle’s collection date and time, arranged by the contract, may result to price alternations too. No extra charges for the extension of the vehicle rental. If the vehicle you wish to keep for more must be given to another client, according to his/her booking, you’ll be given another vehicle.

18. Days & prices: A basic day for a car rental is that of 24 hours. Furthermore, the charges for selected insurance and exemptions are made on a 24 hour basis. The return of the vehicle (collection) after or even before the agreed time may result in changes on the prices. Our company gives a 2hour favour time without extra charge.

19. Minimum rental: one day (24hours). 29 minutes after the 24 hour rental is charged with all additional daily rates.

20. CDW covers the client as regards the cost of repairs or replacement of the rented vehicle in case of damage, during the rental time. However the Collision Damage Waiver is not a packet of full insurance and does not exempt the client 100% from the responsibility and liability of the rental – there are limits. The client can reduce the liability for whatever damage of the rented vehicle during the rental period (according to the contract), which means he/she has the obligation to pay an amount in case of damage.

21. The client is responsible / liable for amounts of money which are not exempt, for more than 440 €, as regards the EDMR and CDMR, 460 € as for the categories IDMR, IDAR and EDAR 500 € as for the categories IDMR – A, SDMR, FDMR and FDAR, 600 € as for the categories PVMR and 1,500 € for the category LDAR.

22. The CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is valid on the grounds that the renter’s name is reported on the contract between the company and the client. Regardless of the renter’s – client’s validation of acceptance of the CDW, he/she is liable for any breakdown (mechanical damage), or failure, the replacement of damaged tyres , wheels, damages underneath the car and those caused by ship transport. If CDW is not admitted, the client will be held responsible for damages in the company’s vehicle. The company does not offer a full insurance packet without a basic deductible amount of money.

23. The company has got the right to supply its vehicles with Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

24. After the expiry date and time of the vehicle rental period, according to the contract, our company has got the legal right to collect the vehicle that has not been returned by the client without his/ her consent, whenever it’s convenient for the company and in whichever way, by all means.

25. The rented vehicle must not be used for purposes that oppose and / or break the Greek Law, i.e. for object, animal or human transport for direct or indirect profit, for pulling or pushing another vehicle, in car races, speed races, total or special route recognitions, durability tests, as well as highest velocity tests.

26. Whatever alternation of this contract is not valid unless it is in writing.

27. This contract is ruled by the Greek Law and has the power of an official declaration on the part of the client – renter. Every violation of the Greek Law on the part of the client – renter during the vehicle rental period, renders him/her liable to Greek Justice as well as our company.

28. The client, finally, declares that he possesses movable and landed property – real estate, capable of covering all possible obligations and commitments to our company.

29. The client – renter consents that the above terms are valid, both in cases of the primarily hired vehicle.


I rented a car from Rent All Cars Ntasios for 2 weeks. It was spotless, full of gas, I did not have any problem on the road and of course they took us to the Igoumenitsa harbor when we returned. We were sure that we wouldn't have a rough time with garages and unexpected episodes during our holidays.
Sofia Antonopoulou, Kantza, 11 July 2010


Our cars to let are fully insured for all categories.
Moreover we are able to insure your vehicle through the

Executive Ιnsurance Βrokers

group we exclusively represent in Thesprotia Prefecture.

Ladohori 46100 Igoumenitsa
Tel. (+30) 2665029451-2665023796
Fax (+30) 2665029452 Mob. 6906266826 // 6944885019
[email protected]

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