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Corporate responsibility

We all know that cars have an alarming influence on the environment. But since our everyday life, in many cases, depends on cars it’s not realistic to propose its abolishment. We shouldn’t disappoint though. Even if we use our car every day, there’s something simple that we can do to help the Earth. We must be sure that our car is in the best possible condition. Selecting the right fuel type is not only a matter of money. A car with the best and most effective possible fuel is less damaging for our planet than a car which consumes a lot.


  • Take care of your car. It’s the easiest way to render it least damaging for the environment. Be careful with fuel consumption. If you notice that it’s increasing go to the car mechanic. Don’t leave the engine on when the car is stopped somewhere (except when at the traffic lights where you shouldn’t increase the volte- faces of the engine, unreasonably.) Remember that less fuel is required to start the engine than to keep it running in the least of voltes. Clean filters frequently. Don’t use your car with considerable weight. Weight demands more fuel.

  • Use reusable batteries even if there’s cadmium in them. Dispose of old batteries in the special places so that they’ll be extinguished properly. Support all initiative for battery recycling.

  • In the U.S.A., according to experts’ calculations, 40% of water contamination comes from car engines’ oil and 460,000 tons of mineral oil pollute the ground and the atmosphere every year. Do you know that used oil poured on the ground can contaminate underground springs of drinkable water? One liter of oil contaminates 950 liters of water. Do you know that when we pour oil on the road, from where it ends in sewage it’s as if we pour oil directly into the sea? Do you know that half a liter of oil creates a spot of 4,000 m² in the sea?

  • If you change oil in a petrol/gas station take care that the station is in a recycling program. If you change oil by yourselves take the used oil where there’s a recycling program or expert personnel.

  • Commuting to job consists the 1/3 of the transport a private car makes. Every car transports one to two persons on average. In the U.S.A. it has been calculated that if every car transported one more passenger there would be saved up to 2 million liters of fuel and 5 million kilos of carbon dioxide would be emitted. Many companies try to organise their personnel’s transport by means of car pooling. They haven’t succeeded yet, not even in the U.S.A. In some countries people form queues near bus and train stations, where private cars pass by and collect commuters heading to similar directions.

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